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 DESD EI and ECSE - Jackson County

Jackson County Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education

The Jackson County EI/ECSE Program provides early intervention and early childhood special education services to infants, toddlers and preschool children in Jackson County.  Over 650 children who have developmental delays or disabilities are served each year.

Educational services include home visits, specialized preschools, consultation to children in community preschools or speech therapy.  Staff who work at Jackson EI/ECSE have teaching licenses or state authorization to teach young children.  They are specialists in early intervention/early childhood special education, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and autism.

The Jackson County EI/ECSE Program is funded by the Oregon Department of Education with state and federal dollars.  It is one of 32 county programs in Oregon and there are similar programs throughout the United States.

All educational services are free to eligible children and their families.


This year one of our program goals is to work on early literacy skills – the skills that children need to learn in order to be ready to read.  These are skills such as paying attention, using and understanding words and gestures, drawing shapes, and understanding that printed words have meaning.  We know that these are some of the important skills that will help prepare them for Kindergarten.  Reading is so important to future school success. Did you know that children who are read to three times per week or more do much better in their later development than children who are read to less than three times per week? 

Every time you read a book, write a note, sort the laundry, check the TV listings, or recount the days's happenings, you are using skills young children need to have to be ready to learn to read and write.  Here are a couple of simple activities you and your child can do together:

Book Time:  Read with you child every day.  Start by setting aside 5 or 10 minutes each day.  Then gradually increase the time to 30 minutes.  Go to the library together.  Choose books  that go along with the season, family holidays, or subjects your child is interested in.

Picture shopping lists or menus:  With your child, cut out pictures of food and paste them on sheets of paper to make a menu or shopping list (food adds in the newpaper or magazine pictures work well).  You might make pages fro breakfast, lunch and foods.  Have your child "read" the menu or list.